Restaurants in Israel

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A restaurant (French: [ʁɛstoʁɑ̃] (listen)), or an eatery, is a business which prepares and serves food and drinks to customers in exchange for money. Meals are generally served and eaten on the premises, but many restaurants also offer take-out and food delivery services. Restaurants vary greatly in appearance and offerings, including a wide variety of cuisines and service models ranging from inexpensive fast food restaurants and cafeterias, to mid-priced family restaurants, to high-priced luxury establishments.[citation needed]

In Western countries, most mid- to high-range restaurants serve alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine. Some restaurants serve all the major meals, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner (e.g., major fast food chains, diners, hotel restaurants, and airport restaurants). Other restaurants may only serve a single meal (for example, a pancake house may only serve breakfast) or they may serve two meals (e.g., lunch and dinner).

Givatayim (Hebrew: גִּבְעָתַיִם, lit. “two hills”; Arabic: جفعاتايم‎) is a city in Israel east of Tel Aviv. It is part of the metropolitan area known as Gush Dan. Givatayim was established in 1922 by pioneers of the Second Aliyah. In 2017 it had a population of 59,518.[1]

The name of the city comes from the “two hills” on which it was established: Borochov Hill and Kozlovsky Hill. Kozlovsky is the highest hill in the Gush Dan region at 85 meters above sea level. The city was expanded in the 1930s so that today it is actually situated on 4 hills, Borochov, Kozlovsky, the railroad workers (poalei harakevet), and Rambam Hill.


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