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, Israel Cities in Israel

, Israel Cities in Israel

Herzliya (/hɜːrtsəˈliːjə/; Hebrew: הֶרְצְלִיָּה [hɛʁtsɛliˈja]; Arabic: هرتسيليا‎ [hɪrtsiːlja]) is an affluent city in the central coast of Israel, at the Northern part of the Tel Aviv District known for its robust start-up and entrepreneurial culture. In 2017 it had a population of 93,989.[1] Named after Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, Herzliya covers an area of 21.6 square kilometres (8.3 sq mi). At its western municipal boundaries is Herzliya Pituah, one of Israel’s most affluent neighborhoods and home to numerous embassies, company headquarters, as well as prominent Israeli business people.

Herzliya, named after Theodor Herzl,[2] was founded in 1924 as a semi-cooperative farming community (moshava) with a mixed population of new immigrants and veteran residents. During that year, 101 houses and 35 cowsheds were built there, and the village continued to grow. The 1931 census recorded a population of 1,217 inhabitants, in 306 houses.[3]
Upon the establishment of the state in 1948, Herzliya was a town of 5,300. Large numbers of immigrants settled there, and it had 12,000 residents within a few years. In 1960, when the population reached 25,000, Herzliya was declared a city.[4]


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